Comprehensive Guide to Plan A Vacation for Witnessing japan festival

Comprehensive Guide to Plan A Vacation for Witnessing japan festival


Japan is the land of festivals and merriment. The country celebrates more than 3 million matsuri or the traditional festivals. The local shrines and the temples usually sponsor the matsuri while the local committees organize the festivals. There are typical matsuri costumes, and people also carry the heavy Mikoshi, the portable shrine, all across the city to bless the dwellers. Gion Matsuri of Kyoto is one of the most popular festivals of Japan and takes place throughout the month of July. Yamaboko Junko is the grand procession of floats and the highlight of the festival. It usually happens on the Oike Street and Kawarmachi of Kyoto. 

Awa Odori

It is the largest traditional japan festival of dance where children, women, and men dance on the streets of Tokushima city all through the day. The event takes place from 12th August every year till 15th August. The people wear traditional costumes that include straw hats and the cotton kimono specially made for summer. Millions of people flock around to watch the festival every year, and it is a spectacular sight indeed, you can even join them in the dance as they are very friendly and love it when the tourists like to enjoy with them.

Other prominent festivals

Kanda Matsuri is a famous festival in Tokyo, and it is the festival of the Kanda Myojin Shrine. You can witness the festival if you visit in the middle of May. There are portable shrines called the Mikoshi. Thousands of Japanese gather to carry the Mikoshi from the shrine and parade through the entire Kanda district, Akihabara, and Nihonbashi from the morning and finally return to the shire evening. During the first week of August, you can see the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori city. The lantern floats or Nebuta portray human figures, and chanting dancers carry them. The parade continues till the evening from sunrise.



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