An essential guide to Puerto Escondido: When to visit, where to swim and eat?

An essential guide to Puerto Escondido: When to visit, where to swim and eat?

The coast of Puerto Escondido is beautifully surrounded by beaches, sands, and pipeline waves. Moreover, it’s an amazing place for the foodies as it has multiple ocean-facing beach restaurants that serve delectable Mexican cuisines. The place is usually crowded with Oaxaca travelers and other Mexican travelers. However, an important thing to note here is that the Covid-19 guidelines which you should mandatorily follow.

Mexico is using a ‘Semiforo’ system to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. You should always check the government regulation before traveling to this place. Oaxaca is in the ‘yellow’ zone which means that there are certain restrictions imposed on various activities by the government. Keep in mind that Mexican people suffer more due to a lack of hospital infrastructure. As a responsible tourist, you should keep in mind all the Covid-19 norms and prevent spreading any infections. 

When is the best time to visit Puerto Escondido?

You must be wondering what to do in Puerto Escondido and when? This destination has so much to offer to its tourists all throughout the year. If you’re unaffected by the crowds, the best time to visit is from January to May or October to December. However, if you’re a peace-loving person and you want to stay away from the crowds, then the ideal time is during the spring breaks or Christmas vacations.

Puerto Escondido is home to three beaches- Playa Marinero, Playa Principal, and Zicatela. Playa Principal nestles in the middle and parallel to this is a walking street which is popularly known as the Adoquin. If you want to go swimming, head towards the west of Playa Principal as it is home to multiple small beaches best for swimming- Manzanillo, Puerto Angelito, and Carrizalillo. And if you want to go for some adventures like surfing, the Zicatela beach is the right option for you. It has the strongest waves and is perfect for surfing.

Where to swim?

 If you’re an ardent beach lover, there are multiple beaches to choose from.

  • Puerto Angelito and Manzanillo– Both of these beaches lie on the same bay; however, they are separated from one another by rocks. They are perfect for swimming as they don’t have super strong waves like Zicatela. You’ll find lots of drinking points and places to have a towel or mat. You can hire big umbrellas, lounge chairs, and plastic pillows to relax near the beachside.
  • Playa Zicatela– Zicatela is known for having strong waves and hence, it is best for surfing. You can experience huge waves breaking near the shorelines. During the peak seasons, you might see the waves coming in at a height of 6 to 15 feet.
  • Playa Carrizalillo– To the north of Zicatela lays the Playa Carrizalillo featuring soft waves, palapas, and inlets. If you’re ordering food and drinks from the shop, you can also get lounge chairs and umbrellas managing them free of cost.

Where to eat?

A vacation is incomplete without exploring the famous dishes and cuisines. Fresh Restaurant and Lounge is the best place for exploring seafood. And if you’re looking for a hearty meal, head to the Costenito Cevicheria as it not only has the best ceviches but they offer a complete meal consisting of a 400 peso grilled fish serves with salad, potatoes, and other things. The best part is that you can customize the meal – for instance, you can choose between butter, lime, garlic, oregano, or parsley. Other best restaurants include- El Cafecito, Coco Fish Zicatela, Espadin restaurant, Bungalows Zicatela, etc.


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