About Hostels and the Difference Between Student Hostels and Travellers Hostels-

About Hostels and the Difference Between Student Hostels and Travellers Hostels-

Many people who travel all around the world choose the best hotels, inns, lodgings, and hostels to stay in. Some people are there who are confused and do not know the difference or the meaning of a hostel. It is because most of the time, people think of it as a hostel where students, young kids, or adults stay who are pursuing education. Others think that hostels are a place where nomads stay, and so on. So, What is a hostel? A hostel is a place to stay where there are provisions like a room (private or shared), beds, a loo, a kitchen area, and others.

Kinds of Hostels-

One is a hostel where students stay; the other is a hostel where those who are pursuing education or those who are working. Next, other types of hostels are where there are lodgings for travellers, including those of foreigners and other travellers from around the world. These hostels cannot be called hotels or inns, but they can be called lodging. One of the reasons why it cannot be called a hotel is because it doesn’t have that many facilities like a posh hotel has. For example, swimming pools. Hotels have swimming pools, but hostels don’t have swimming pools.

Hostels for Travellers

Hostels are mainly for busy travellers who are just busy exploring new places and need a place to rest for a night or a few days. So, keeping in view the needs of the travellers, the hostel has limited facilities, but again, the hostels have good facilities and some of the hostels are located in the centre of the city, where the travellers can explore the city and much more, and others in a serene place, where the travellers can have a good night’s sleep and so on.

Free Wi-Fi and Meals-

Most of the hostels have a common facility, i.e., Wi-Fi. It is because they know that travellers would like to connect back home and contact their loved ones, so many hostels have free Wi-Fi, which is secure and also, they don’t charge anything. However, you must determine the security of the Wi-Fi before using any of them. Some hostels are too good because they also provide free meals like breakfast or dinner. They also have different kinds of rooms, like private rooms, or shared rooms, and so on.

Refurbished Hostels-

The next thing you will notice about the hostels is that most of them are revamped and have architecture that is old. This is the case mainly in Prague, Barcelona, and so on. But many hostels are there which are neat and clean and pristine. It is the solid hygiene of these hostels that attracts the travellers, and they stop by and choose the hostels rather than a hotel or a luxury hotel. Some hostels are even luxurious and very much affordable. Compared to the costly hotels, the hostels are much more affordable and also a good place to stay.


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