Watch Out for The Animals in Hokkaido

Watch Out for The Animals in Hokkaido

Hokkaido falls in the northmost of Japan’s main islands. The place is known for its natural hot springs, volcanos, and ski areas. However, the East part of Hokkaido has nature in abundance. If you are here, you have a high chance of meeting a variety of wild animals. If you are a real animal lover and opting for japan hokaido tours, then the Doto area should be something you should not miss. You are likely to see a lot of these animals while you travel on the road.

Find the Diversity Here

The East part of Hokkaido has some of the most beautiful animals, including brown bears. You will often get to see these on roads, but don’t you dare touch them! They are dangerous! Hokkaido Sika Deer – you will get to see them all over Hokkaido. Thirdly, The cute Ezo Red Fox. You can’t touch them even though they are cute since touching them will infect you with the echinococcosis parasite. Fourthly, Red-Crowned cranes. These only breeds in Japan and are protected species. Fifth, Blakiston’s Fish Owl. It is the largest out in the world and is an endangered species too. Ocra, if you are lucky enough, you can see them almost coming up to the ship to say ‘hi.’ The Eurasian Red Squirrel is cute but a little bigger. The Swan, Steller’s Sea Eagle, and the White-Tailed Eagle are some of the other species you will get to see when you visit here.

Maintain the Rules

However, since you might notice these animals on the road too, there are certain things you should remember. Firstly, do not touch them. Secondly, do not feed them. Thirdly, do not flash photographs in front of them. Fourthly, do not park your car in dangerous places. Lastly, take Proper guide tours. If you keep these in your mind while visiting the place, then japan hokaido tours will give you a lifetime memory for sure.


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