3 Top Hotels in Downtown Cairo

3 Top Hotels in Downtown Cairo

In order to experience the seven wonders of the ancient world, Cairo the capital of Egypt is the only stand high spot to take a trip in Egypt. Cairo is full of local culture, and food that will amaze you, making it a valuable place to visit. This city offers so many fantastic opportunities for visitors, including wildlife, shopping and more that will tempt you to visit at the moment. The major point that excites you and millions of tourists to visit Cairo is the attraction of the pyramid.

Cairo is also well-known for exploring aspects as this city of Egypt is rich in culture where you can experience memorable cuisine, hospitality, arts and lifestyles. They come among the never sleeps cities in the world while keeping restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other venues, so that means you can perform sufficient activities without upsetting the time. Only to ease your comfort, this blog brings the best hotels in downtown Cairo so that you can stay with comfort and quality. 

1- Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir

When it comes to the incredible hotel in downtown Cairo Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir is an exceptional choice for everyone to stay in. You can find Zamalek Gezira Island and the Mosque of Al-Azhar as they are the topmost attractions in Cairo while staying in this hotel. The rooms of this hotel are pretty elegant while offering wonderful services like a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, a minibar, free Wi-Fi and more. The rooms of this hotel possess noticeable features such as valet parking, pool, fitness center, gym workout room, babysitting and a lot more. Lunch and breakfast are provided by the hotel while giving different options of a room like a definitive pool view, superior city view room, deluxe side Nile room, suite and more that you can book at decreased cost if you use Agoda discount code.

 2- Ramses Hilton Hotel

If you are looking for the family-friendly hotel in downtown CairoRamses Hilton Hotel is not a bad pick for anyone to consider. The hotel brings a helper room service, along with a rooftop terrace, so that visitors can enjoy a pool with free breakfast that make it general selection among tourists while staying in Cairo. The structure of the rooms of this hotel are decent adorable while providing extensive range of room types, including twin guest room city, king corner room city, twin deluxe room Nile, king executive room city and so on that you can select as per your choice.

3- Paradise Boutique Hotel

Paradise Boutique Hotel is a high-appraised hotel that provides splendid services, making it one of the best options for everyone. This hotel offers superb quite a lot of property facilities from free wi-fi, free breakfast to air transportation, baggage storage and many more. This hotel is suited next to the richest place in downtown Cairo. This hotel offers different room varieties such as deluxe single room, double room, triple room, deluxe double twin and more that you can select as per your choice. The room d├ęcor is fine enough but rooms are allergy-free, air conditioner, flat screen tv and many more.


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