About the Aran islands: What and why do you need to know about them?

About the Aran islands: What and why do you need to know about them?

The Aran Islands boast spectacular landscapes and rich cultural heritage with many stories, legends and folk tales told over generations linking them to ancient Celtic Ireland. The rugged limestone isles have been inhabited since Neolithic times when they were covered in forest with roaming herds of deer, wild boar and goats being among their earliest inhabitants.

Today, farming communities still flourish on many islands despite modernization that has seen most residents move away from island existence for mainland jobs. The Aran Islands are part of County Galway and located only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. They lie in West County Mayo and are accessible by ferry from Rossaveal on the mainland.

The tradition and culture of Aran islands

The people of the Aran Islands are descendants of Irish-speaking Gaels who lived throughout Ireland and survived in the west of County Mayo. They are famous for their Westroonian sculpture, a unique style of sculpture which combines the geometric lines of Healy-Hutchinson types with photographs taken at varying angles that many artists on both continents had never seen before.

It is said that this Celtic art form was inspired by their Christian faith and represents scenes from the Bible. The Aran Islands are also littered with ancient monastic sites, as well as other reminders from centuries past like stone circles.

On Ireland’s Aran Islands, there is a lot of wild beauty:

The Aran Islands are rich in nature and vast forests cover 60% of the area. There is also a great quality of wildlife, both land and marine wildlife including wild goats, deer, foxes, rabbits and geese.

There are more than 600 species of birds and over 200 species of fish. There are also traces left from Bronze Age settlements which are scattered across the islands that once served as civilisations to ancient Celts.

The sea has an abundance of beautiful fish like mackerel, tuna and swordfish but it also holds dangers like whales that can be very aggressive as they choose their meals off the rocky cliffs or easily lured by baits.

Things to see on the Aran Islands:

The Aran Islands are home to a unique collection of flora and fauna, many species of which are endangered. The rocky slopes and cliffsides contain a great variety of flowering plants, including the tansy ragwort, the vetch boxty and the mountain avens.

It is an amazing place for all adventures, both for your own personal joy and for business and work. The islanders who live in this area have a unique talent in the art forms of weaving, music and literature, each with a distinct character that can be experienced on their own or as part of a tour itinerary.

How to reach Aran Islands:

Aran Islands can be reached from Rossaveal harbour. The distance between Rossaveal and Inis Oirr is only twenty kilometers. It takes just a ten minutes ferry journey to reach any one of these islands, depending on which island you prefer to visit or stay for visit or holiday staying.

Between the wild beauty of Aran Island and the rich heritage of Ireland, you can enjoy a wonderful experience in Aran Islands. It holds unique natural beauty with tremendous history that can be experienced either on your own or accompanied by friends, family and loved ones.


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