The Parties in the End of the Year Options

The Parties in the End of the Year Options

The year went by fast, didn’t it? And again we are here thinking about how to organize a perfect get-together party for our friends and family. Want to say goodbye to 2020 in style, but still don’t know where to start? We made a list with 5 valuable ideas to put together an unforgettable party. Come on.


Ask your friends, co-workers and family how they would like the holiday to be. Do they prefer DJ or live music? Would the best menu be a delicious feijoada, barbecue or snacks? Do a simple survey with your guests to avoid the risk of making mistakes.


Make a special invitation to create a great expectation for the day of your party. Send invitations via WhatsApp and create a Facebook group. If the fellowship belongs to the company, send a fun email inviting all employees. What matters is to liven up the crowd for the big day. Also for going out with the parties you can choose the Party Bus Toronto.


Choose the perfect space

One of the most important parts of planning the party is choosing the location where it will be held. It needs to be a pleasant environment, where your guests will feel free to chat, laugh and dance. Comfort is needed, with tables, chairs and also a good space for guests to move around. Don’t forget to check if the place has parking, ok?

Quality buffet

The food is undoubtedly the flagship of the party. The menu needs to be tasty and plentiful, with options for every type of taste, do you want an example? Vegan food on your barbecue buffet. It is necessary to think about pleasing everyone, without exception. Do your guests like to drink? If so, you can set up an open caipirinha bar and other drinks. Don’t forget to vary the menu with sweet and savory dishes, in addition to ensuring that the banquet will be served at the agreed time, with everything fresh and tasty.

Activities and competitions

To liven up your party, you need to think about the activities that will take place before, during and after it. Before the party we already gave some tips, how to send fun invitationsand during? During your party you can schedule games and scavenger hunts like a game of fut, volleyball, chair dancing.

For the more “relaxed” guests, how about organizing a domino tournament or card game? For the more agitated guests, you can set up a zumba class, fit dance or even a karaoke. How about putting up a photo booth to enjoy the memories of the party afterwards? Explore your imagination, the important thing is to have fun.


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