Which Beaches In Mykonos Have The Most Stunning Views?

Which Beaches In Mykonos Have The Most Stunning Views?

When it comes to Mykonos beaches, Platis Gialos and Ornos are two of the favourites. Both are ideal for families since they provide a large range of good eating, lodging, and drinking establishments. Visitors to either of these beaches, which are both conveniently accessible by bus from Mykonos Town but who like to avoid the bustling nightlife of the town, may choose for beachfront accommodations instead.

Psarou, Agios Stefanos, Paradise, Elia, Paraga, Super Paradise, Kalo Livadi, Agios Ioannis, Panormos, Kalafati, and Agios Sostis are just a few of the island’s other well-known beaches. A short distance from Mykonos Town, Megali Ammos is easily accessible by foot. You may stay at one beach and visit another throughout your trip since a water taxi operates from Agia Ioannis Beach to Elia Beach and stops at most of the south-facing beaches.

Mykonos is a beautiful island, but where should you stay?

Visitors to Mykonos choose to stay in the village of Mykonos Town or on the beaches because they provide a great mix of leisure, dining, nightlife, and sightseeing options. With public transit like buses and water taxis readily available in the surrounding areas, these sites are ideal for those who want to go about on foot. Many of Santorini’s lesser-known beaches offer tourists a respite from the overcrowding of the island’s more renowned attractions. To get the feeling that you’ll never have to leave a beach party, consider staying near the Paradise, Super Paradise, or Paraga Beaches.

While villas may seem excessively costly when compared to resorts or hotels, the fact that they have six or eight bedrooms and can be divided among the group means that no matter how pricey it is, it is likely to be more cost-effective than staying in a hotel. With the real estate Mykonos by your side you can expect the best now.

Discover Mykonos Like Never before

There are many things to do in Mykonos, such as dining, drinking, shopping, and dancing in the hip Mykonos Town, sunbathing on the island’s world-famous beaches, exploring the ancient ruins of Delos Island; touring the traditional village of Ano Mera; and taking in a sunset from the Boni’s Windmill, Armenistis Lighthouse, Little Venice, or the bluffs above Mykonos Town that overlook the Old Port. Mykonos is not complete until you stop to the southernmost point of Mykonos Town to grab a picture in front of the iconic Kato Mili windmills.

Last Tip

Take a tour or sign up for a cooking lesson while you’re there to learn more about Mykonos and its people. The Mykonos Highlights tour, the South Coast Sailing as well as Snorkeling Tour, and the Delos Island Guided Tour are three of our favourite excursions on the island of Mykonos. This fantastic vacation consists of sailing, snorkelling at a private island, and seeing Delos with an expert guide. So your stay at Mykonos is bound to be the best here.


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