Why Salt Lake City Is the Ski Mecca

Why Salt Lake City Is the Ski Mecca

If you love snowsports and love to ski, I’m sure you’ve been told to take a Colorado trip. Sure, Colorado has a great snowsports culture and lots of resorts to choose from, but the chances are that if you want to go skiing, you’re going to have to drive at least an hour and deal with long lines. There’s a little known secret in the ski world. It’s called Salt Lake City, and here are some reasons why it is the mecca of ski enthusiasts.

Within one hour of SLC, there are eleven, that’s right, eleven resorts. And all eleven of these resorts have the greatest snow on earth. No, that’s not an exaggeration! Scientifically speaking, Utah has the greatest snow on earth!

According to University of Utah professor Jim Steenburgh, Utah’s snow has the perfect snow water content ratio. What this means is that the ratio of water to snowfall is of the perfect density. In this region, the snow tends to fall bottom up. This means heavy snow on the bottom and light snow on the top. This provides a solid base but nice fluffy white stuff to shred! In other parts of the country, the snow can sometimes fall top to bottom, which is not good! Many people describe this phenomenon as a goldilocks scenario because it is just right. Its geography creates literal perfect conditions.

If you still don’t believe me, then go ahead and head to Colorado. I’m kidding! Seriously though, this region not only has the greatest snow on earth, but it is full of local shops that can hook you up. Looking for a discount on rental equipment? There’s a shop that can fulfill all of your needs. They can also provide you with discount lift tickets, up to 25% off!

What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip out here and stop by this shop to get the full experience. We look forward to having you!

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